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Precision Stainless Steel Strip for Coated Paper

    Grade: 316L, 309S, 310S, 321, 317L, etc

    Thickness: 0.03mm ~ 0.1mm

    Common Size: 0.05*950mm、0.05*940mm、0.06*620mm、0.08*500mm、0.10*620mm

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Precision Stainless Steel Strip for Coated Paper manufacturer and supplier.

Ultra-thin stainless steel strip (thickness 0.03—0.10mm) is commonly known as stainless steel coated paper. Because it is extremely thin, it can fold and wrap the workpiece like paper. It has good sealing and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in heat treatment of tooling and other important parts. Oxidation and decarburization process.

At present, domestic anti-oxidation methods are mostly coated with anti-oxidation coating on the surface of the workpiece or heated with charcoal. The disadvantage of coating anti-oxidation coating is that the brushing process is complicated, high temperature resistant, difficult to peel off, and the peeling paint contaminates the quenching medium. The disadvantage of charcoal box heating is that it causes carburization on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in an increase in the surface brittleness of the workpiece and a decrease in the polishing performance of the workpiece.

Our company's stainless steel strip can withstand high temperature of 1100 °C, no residue after peeling off. The steel foil can be torn off to quench the workpiece without contaminating the quenching medium. The heated workpiece is not oxidized or decarburized. Packing and heating with stainless steel foil is a convenient and quick method to solve the oxidative decarburization of the workpiece. In addition, for some workpieces that are eager to deliver, or the workpieces that are less than enough to open the vacuum furnace can also be solved by the packing method.

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Technical Information of Precision Stainless Steel Strip for Coated Paper:

Production Flow of Precision Stainless Steel Strip for Coated Paper:

Packaging of Precision Stainless Steel Strip for Coated Paper

Packaging: Wooden Packing 

Min trial order 5ton each thickness, 1 x 20' per delivery 

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might otherwise be caused during storage or transportation.



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