The negative side to solar energies price drop

Solar energy is a renewable energy, renewable energies are needed to reduce the destruction of our planet, and so cheap solar energy is good, right? Well, maybe not for everyone. A study by Bloomberg found that the price of solar was becoming so cheap that some manufacturers were likely to be selling at a loss. 
The industry is currently booming, knocking pretty much all other energy sources out of his momentous path. Now is cheaper than ever to put solar panels around your property, prices for solar systems have pretty much halved in a very short space of time. In addition to the benefits of developed nations, many poverty stricken countries are reaping the rewards, such as many of those in Africa whom are often prone to generous amounts of sunlight. 
However, the manufacturers are currently facing turbulent times. The competition is hotter than ever, with everyone wanting a piece of the lucrative pie offered by the solar industry and this is having a negative effect on the profit (if there is any) of the companies whom were already there. 
Nowhere are the pros and cons of cheap photovoltaics illustrated more clearly than in China. Many of the biggest players in solar technology — like Trina Solar, Jinko Solar and Yingli Solar — are Chinese companies that helped spur the market. Now, they’re in some ways, victims of the market’s success. But as he points out, China is the largest consumer — and supplier — of solar.
However, along with the price of solar energy reducing, the demand is also increasing at tremendous speed, so it leaves the market open to incredible fluctuations. The market is young and still exploring the realms of stability.